A diffuser for your brand

Innovating to develop your brand

The little extra touch that makes an object special can be its form, its design, the use of an unusual material or innovative technique. Our design team knows how to find these special features that make your project unique. But the real strength of Innobiz design is its ability to place the user’s experience at the very heart of the creative process. This is a double advantage for your brand, which will be able to propose a product that is both useful and undeniably esthetic.

The Innobiz method – a tried and tested method…

1- Our idea book : Thanks to our R&D department, we can suggest several attractive ideas that correspond to your situation. Although the sketches may seem rather freehand, be assured that the projects have been perfectly validated in terms of marketing and production plans. This is reassuring for the economic viability of each proposal. [br]
2- Your idea : You select an idea and we will suggest variations until the final form, materials and functions of the product have been fully validated. [br]
3- Prototyping : 3D modeling then allows us to propose two real-sized prototypes: one for the form and one for the functions. You either validate these propositions, or decide to make modifications. Naturally, your model is legally protected by contract. [br]
4- Manufacture : The manufacturing process is preceded by the production of the plastic mold and development of the electronic card and micro software. Depending on what is required, our factory in Shenzhen or one of our 70 partners is then responsible for manufacture. If necessary, we also take care of assembly and packaging. [br]
5- Tests and controls : Our work naturally takes into account your concerns regarding quality and environmental standards. [br]
6- Creation of packaging and documentation : Depending on your needs, we can design and print your packaging and instruction manuals.